Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interview With Chris Hausman

Here is a terrific interview with EIRO's CEO, Chris Hausman. Chris will explain his background and how EIRO got its start. Learn about one of the fastest growing companies in Network Marketing.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Your Best Effort

I have always believed that "one's best" is good enough to accomplish any task. In fact, I believe that we oftentimes fail to give that "extra effort," which is our "best effort."

As you go through each day ask yourself, "Am I giving my best?" Life is far too short to live by simply attempting average. Sell out, live in the moment and enjoy the exhiliration of your best effort!

Always Lead, Bo

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Be the Titans

I remember seeing the movie Remember the Titans. More importantly, I remember playing against the Titans when I was in high school. When I saw this movie a number of years ago it seemed like more than a movie to me. It was. I was there. I lived this moment in history. In fact, a good friend of mine is the Aunt of the young athlete that was in the auto accident.

If you never even played football, let alone against the Titans, there is no mistaking the fact that you are challenged everyday to overcome obstacles in your own life. Focus on your goals and never let anyone shake you loose. You will win...I believe in you.

Always Lead, Bo

Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Vision is Crucial

...Bo Short

Vision is the basis for the best kind of leadership. Instinctively, most of us follow a leader who has real vision and whom we sense can transform that vision into meaningful, effective and inspirational strategies. Vision is not simply projecting what the sales targets should be for the next quarter. Vision is not just seeing things as they are. Vision is the ability to see things as they can be.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said: “The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been. Leaders must invoke great vision. Those leaders who do not are ultimately judged (to be) failures.”

A leader with vision, embarks on voyages to new worlds. A vision looks ahead to the future and analyzes it… anticipates it. A vision, almost by definition, does not run from change as so many people do, but embraces change as absolutely essential. A leader without vision eventually loses his or her followers. An organization without vision, whether that organization is a business or a church or team or a family eventually stagnates and perhaps even wastes away.

Leaders need an ability to look through a variety of lenses. We need to look through the lens of those who follow us. We need to look through the lens of change and innovation. We need to look through the lens of our own hard experience and failure. We need to look hard at our future.

...more to come

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Then There is You

...Bo Short

Have you ever wondered when you would be called upon to step forward and make a difference? How about right now. Seriously. What makes you so unusual that you cannot be the reason that something great occurs?

I was raised in a family in which my parents always told me that my dreams would come true as long as I was focused and willing to work. If you were not raised like that, I am sorry but must respectfully state...get over it. Life is waiting for you and will pass you by unless you get into the game with all your heart.

I heard a wonderful statement one time that goes like this; If you want to make some changes in your life...then make some changes in your life. Is it that simple? Yes. One last thing: When you doubt your ability to succeed...I do not. I know without question that your best effort can make all the difference in your world and possibly everyone else around you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Be the Leader

...Bo Short

I have spent the past 2 days meeting with people in living rooms talking about their futures. I have been honored and humbled by the wonderful reception I have received.

I have met people that are "take charge" folks and others that are more laid back. To anyone reading this post I would encourage you to step forward and pursue your dreams with passion. You were not put here to simply get by. You were created to be make a difference in people's lives, beginning with your own.

I know you can accomplish great things. I saw this video and wanted to share it with you. (I have no idea what the company is that is promoted at the end but I loved the video) People are looking for leaders and role models in their one!

Always Lead, Bo

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Friend Rudy Ruettiger

A few years ago I had a radio show on Clear Channel Radio. It was called Leading With Impact. One day I was joined by a dear friend of mine named Rudy Ruettiger. Many of you will know him as the main character and motivation for the Tri-Star motion picture called RUDY.

I came across this recording the other day and thought I would share it with you. This is the unedited version. I hope you enjoy my time with Rudy.(The first 2-3 seconds are hard to hear but the volume picks up quickly.)

Always Lead,