Sunday, March 22, 2009

Then There is You

...Bo Short

Have you ever wondered when you would be called upon to step forward and make a difference? How about right now. Seriously. What makes you so unusual that you cannot be the reason that something great occurs?

I was raised in a family in which my parents always told me that my dreams would come true as long as I was focused and willing to work. If you were not raised like that, I am sorry but must respectfully state...get over it. Life is waiting for you and will pass you by unless you get into the game with all your heart.

I heard a wonderful statement one time that goes like this; If you want to make some changes in your life...then make some changes in your life. Is it that simple? Yes. One last thing: When you doubt your ability to succeed...I do not. I know without question that your best effort can make all the difference in your world and possibly everyone else around you.